Fall Out Boy go Roman in Centuries Video

So what do you after you Save Rock n Roll and appease Elton John? Well if you’re Fall Out Boy you release a new video for your new song. After dropping the ending theme for Disney’s “Big Hero Six” Fall Out Boy comes back with the long awaited video for “Centuries”

The video itself takes place in ancient Rome (or Fall Out Boy’s version at least) where we see all four members tied up and waiting in carts. Dressed clearly as gladiators they are being carted off much like Russell Crowe to face their death in the colosseum so it seems. Prior to this we see them approached by a mysterious man who hands them each small objects.

They go into the area and begin a battle which is very much a reminder of Goliath from the bible, and while the ending shouldn’t be spoiled the viewer can decide that Fall Out Boy wins. But during this we see so much CGI and so many shots of this faux Rome they have created and so little of Fall Out Boy the video is just campy and bad. Fortunately, the song itself is good and can do without a video, which is a far cry from the group that turned Brendan Urie into a vampire and Courtney Love into a badass rebel leader.

The video is strange and doesn’t tie in visuals with the song itself, and nothing about this strange gladiator theme seems to match with what they are singing. Fall Out Boy attempts to take the video to make it into a small mini movie, but it fails to do that. Unlike the Save Rock and Roll videos which created a cohesive piece, this is just a sad attempt to capture that.

While the song is extremely catchy the video itself left a lot to be desired, it was CGI heavy and just all around strange. It felt less like the established Fall Out Boy and more like a newcomer who was given a fairly good budget. The video left a lot to be desired and unlike the hyperlapse version first released, this video was just a departure from the classic band we all know. Once they exit the ring, Fall Out Boy should go back to basics and go back to what they do best, which is no CGI and them causing trouble.

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