New Fall Out Boy?

After an extensive year of shows, new music and being featured in a Disney film. Chicago based Fall Out Boy is already working on new material, as well as their new album due out sometime in early 2015 according to the band’s bassist Pete Wentz.

While they haven’t released much more than a few hints about the track via their social media, fans are already speculating what it can be. The band known for their secrecy in the last year, especially since they released a single, announced an album and tour all within a few months of each other. Fans are blowing up social media about what the band has planned for Monday, the Fall Out Boy hashtag on twitter has speculation on what it could be.

The single according to the band via twitter and instagram is due to be out Monday November 24 at 7:30 GMT. The song will be on BBC radio 1 during the Zane Lowe show, they did mention the song will be a follow up to “Centuries” which premiered earlier this year. There is speculation the band will be following the same route they did with “Save Rock n Roll,” which they released all 12 tracks with music videos that ended up being a small film.

Till Monday most fans won’t know, but knowing Fall Out Boy they’ll be dropping small hints through the weekend for fans. “Centuries” and “Save Rock n Roll” is available on iTunes. And the band’s newest song “Immortals” can be heard in the Disney film “Big Hero 6” out now nationwide.

Yo Kim ya didn’t break the internet but lets talk Photogs

This week saw a huge surge in news, from landing a probe on a moving comet to Kim Kardashian-West bearing her most famous asset on the cover of Paper magazine. While the bum made more news waves than the science, it isn’t surprising the comments coming in are both negative and positive.

But the most important comment one can make about this photograph is that it’s been done before. Yes, let’s collect our shock together and continue on. Jean-Paul Goude is famous for his photography, he dated model Grace Jones back in the 1970s and even created a coffee table book of images of her. But that’s the thing, everything he’s ever been done relies on photo manipulation and editing. It’s why Kardashin has the smallest waist anyone can imagine and her bum is as big as the comet we landed on this week.

Goude has admitted to manipulating his images in order to please his ideal of the perfect woman of color. So it’s no surprise the photos of Kardashian have some serious editing to them. Even the champagne photo of her balancing the glass has been done before and Goude admits to him that is the ideal woman of color. The Grio published a story earlier this week about Kardashian being the literal butt of an old racial joke, so what does this say about our society?

Social media was quick to judge the mother and wife about keeping her clothes on, women said they wanted her body albeit being an almost impossible standard to reach. So it poses the biggest question who is wrong here? Is it Kardashian who has gotten naked before or Goude who manipulated the images beyond recognition? When asked, it would have to be Goude who creates what he thinks is beautiful. Thus reality of the actual human woman beyond becomes skewed.

How society views women and how women view themselves comes into questioning with this latest photoshop fiasco. Especially since Goude prides himself to be someone that has created photo manipulations LONG before the computer was available. The Grio mentions in their article as well “At best, these pictures are recycled art, and at worst, they are lazy sensationalism — but innovative they are not.” Which is true, Kardashian was so proud of her work and the internet fed right into it. No one bothered to look up the photographer, when famed photographer Annie Lebovitz featured Miley Cyrus in just a sheet the internet dug up every photo she ever took. Everyone became so upset that all her work was called into question, so what happened here? No one bothered to look up Goude’s work or the photographer himself.

Goude has iconic work of his ex Jones, but the problem here are the images in question. The work is a sexualization of women of color, it is a view of women from a man’s lens who openly admits that his work sexualizing to women of color. Again The Grio cites the original work where Kardashian is balancing a glass on her rear end was called Jungle Fever. It is a sexualization of women of color and Kardashian fell victim to this, because for some odd reason no one did research or bothered to look into it.

The New York Times ‘The Cut’ section which deals with art, music and photography goes into greater detail about Goude’s techniques. Which questions his use of photoshop, though the photographer has used other techniques to get his end results. He has used everything from multiple images glued together, to posing models to get their best side. But it is clear and evident Kardashian has been photoshopped, everything from her skin to the shape of her figure comes into question. The reality star is no stranger to edits, which includes her personal photos on instagram. So why are these any different? Again the message this photo sends is one that is all negative down to the core.

Granted, you can argue it’s all a matter of opinion but if you go through the comments on social media women are pining for this body and men are sexualizing it to no end. Did Goude reach his ultimate goal? Did society sink so low it becomes about demoralizing as opposed to fighting the racism and sexism created? Is it just art? There are a lot of factors that come into play here and it begs the question, when did it become okay?

We live in a society that sexualizes women while bringing them down for being confident in their own skin. It’s a gross double standard, and men fall victim to it as well. Because there is no ideal man or woman, just what the media feeds and what we are told to believe. So when will this change? When will society say enough, and just love each other? It clearly isn’t with this image or Goude’s work.

Nightcrawler dead before sunrise

Where does news come from? How is video from a crash that happened at four in the morning end up on the morning news? Chances are night rats called stringers will sell it to the highest buyer, with little to no experience a few of these guys are under loose contract. That’s what Dan Gilroy’s ‘Nightcrawler’ explores, the dirty underbelly of the news media.

Upon first seeing the trailer for the films, it’s a vague thriller taking place on the dirty streets of Los Angeles. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role as seedy Louis Bloom, which brings us the Gyllenhaal we were introduced in ‘Donnie Darko.’ A cold, sociopathic character that makes the viewer feel less than comfortable for the hour and a half you get to know him. Though one doesn’t really get to know Gyllenhaal’s character, the viewer is tossed into this film with little to no back story save for the fact Lou is looking to go straight from a life of stealing chain link fence for scrap. After that the film takes liberties about how journalism and freelancing or stringing works.

Aside from that we see horrible violations of how cops and firefighters work, in one scene Bloom and another Stringer literally get in the face of a patient being worked on and almost anyone who is a first responder know this is something that would never happen. Even the regular consumer of news at home knows most stations wouldn’t show that. Though one can commend Gilroy’s research in how a newsroom works and different jobs performed by the people who make third shift news happen. Other than that severe liberties are taken by the director who also wrote the original screenplay.

The film felt entirely too long for what it was trying to do, and the viewer has time to end up bored while watching it. Few moments are thrilling but other than that the film does fall a little flat without any backstory for Bloom or anyone else in the film. Gilroy does manage to make the viewer hate Bloom and his character with his ability to detach completely from the situation and his belief in going above and beyond is really just selfish.

Rene Russo gives a stunning performance of a struggling news director, who will do anything to save her job and her ratings. Giving the sketchy Bloom a chance to sell his material to her, no matter how he got it. She forgoes all ethics due to her selfish behavior. Her character is strong and a force to be reckoned with in the newsroom.

‘Nightcrawler’ does do a good job of showing a different side to the L.A. most people know and it’s shot in a way that makes you feel too close to Bloom’s character. Even Bloom’s apartment is a reflection of who he is and how cold and detached he is from everyone else around him. Art direction does an amazing job of leaving the audience to feel his detachment from how he dresses and how his apartment even looks, his only care in the world a small plant.

This film is one that could be saved for late night HBO viewing, because spending money on seeing this is a waste of time. The film is dark and seedy, and manages to show whole different side of L.A. and the media but outside of that a lot of left to be desired. It’s an hour and a half of watching Gyllenhaal and his expertly tied man bun. Character writing leaves a lot to be desired, so save it for a night at home with a good drink.