Luck of the Irish… Airline that is.

We’ve all dreamed of that moment, strolling along the Seine in Paris, looking up and seeing the beautiful Eiffel tower in front of you.

For many this will always be a dream, the price of transatlantic flying has gone up in recent years.

While many of us can afford a domestic flight or even swing a flight down to Mexico or the Caribbean, Europe and other parts of the world are unattainable.

Though in a statement released Monday, Irish airline Ryanair which has been operating as a low cost carrier in the EU is considering transatlantic flights for as low as 15 USD. But that is not feasible for another 5 years or so and that is permitting that they get the long haul aircraft needed for this.

There is a catch to all this right? Of course there is, because low-cost flying is no frills flying. Florida based Spirit Airlines has perfected the Ryanair model here in the states and offers fares as low as 5 dollars but what is the catch?

Well you have to pay for luggage, carry on, seat fee and even on board snacks so by the end of it you have amassed a 200 dollar tickets without realizing it. Ryanair follows the same principle in their EU market but like Spirit they have become successful in their business and continue to fly routes daily through Europe.

So that leads to the question of would 500 dollars be a steal to jump from the US to the EU? Compared to the usual 2,000+ dollars in roundtrip tickets the business model could be successful for the low cost traveller and even the study abroad student.

According to CNN Money the route has been seen by many other low cost carriers and has failed, such as Eos Airlines, MAXJet and Silverjet which saw Silverjet absorbed into British Airways in the end.

But Ryanair would have to learn from the mistake of others in order to become successful in such a tough market, the question here is would you travel with Ryanair to fulfill your Paris dream or will you keep dreaming?