Dapper Day Inside and Out 1

My First Dapper Day 2014

It’s that time a year again when leaves turn colors, pumpkin spice lattes come back into our lives and for those of us lucky enough to attend Dapper Day Fall Soiree comes back.

What is Dapper Day?

Dapper Day started at Disneyland when a few interested guests decide to get together and step out in style. Since then the event has grown to include three parks and 20,000 Dapper Dames and Guys.

From there the event in California has grown to include a 3-day Dapper convention that invites local vendors and national brands to showcase and sell items, a Folly event which includes a cocktail hour, and this year brings on a classic car show.

Both the Florida and Paris events include an event schedule that invites groups to ride together and join others in a fun and fashionable style.

While there isn’t a specific time period and many of the California guests wear 1950s dresses due to Disneyland’s opening being in the 1950s, many different styles are seen across the parks.

I’ve attended two Dapper Day events and each one has been different, going onto my third this fall. In those two events, I have learned a lot and have gotten a lot of great tips here and there.

So this is the first post of many in this series, tomorrow we’re talking about clothing and where to find outfits as well as outfit inspiration.


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