About The Mastermind


Alex, 20-something, a Florida based Journalist, that traded boots for sandals again; throwing her back into a world full of Cuban coffee, dominos and palm trees. She brings everything she learned in the cold North back to her native Miami where she tries to hide all urges to be completely Miami (maxi dress and Michael Kors bag included). An arts and music obsessed junkie that spends her days sipping black coffee and commenting on her favorite music, books, and movies as well as photographing her life with her trusty canon camera (and her iPhone from time to time).

Having picked up and moved to the Southwest Coast of Florida, she has decided to start crafting part-time and would rather be at Disney World than working or she would prefer reading her massive pile of books.

Alex is also an avid Dapper dame, who loves the 1950s and just getting dressed up when she can. She also loves all things about writing and just general commentary about how she sees the world.

All of Alex’s work can be found here on her wordpress or over on her Deviantart portfolio where she showcases her obsession with professional photography albeit amateur in some cases. You can also contact her via this blog if you have anything you want to say!

You can find her on social media at these locations

Etsy (shop link coming soon!)


(All work belongs to the lovely Alex and you’d be a shitty human if you plagiarized her!)

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