Head down to the Picking Tree with Denver based 1892

“Picking Tree” from 1892 is a bluesy rock track that proves young talent is alive and well. The song is an original concept by the Denver based group that has been causing local waves in their hometown.

The song is raw and showcases talent from all members, but listeners will be transfixed by David Corboy’s voice from the moment he starts to sing. Corboy who also plays bass for the band, sings over a mix of piano, drums and guitar that starts slow and breaks into a catchy rock beat; that blends in and out with Corboy’s singing and playing. Mike Ring provides backing vocals and opens the song on a back drop of drums led by Daryl Cozzi and guitar played by Colin Farnsworth.

The song has a slow start but as it progresses Cozzi ushers in a catchy beat that mixes over Farnsworth’s playing and piano played by Noel Billups. The whole song moves through a bluesy beat that drops into a classic rock sound, no two parts of the song sound absolutely the same but it features a clean progression of rock and blues that allows breaks for Billups’ piano playing to stand out.

While Farnsworth leads with incredibly strong guitar playing that adds to the magical atmosphere of the song, it allows Corboy’s voice to stand out alongside of it. No part of the instrumentation or singing is out of place or overpowers any one member of the band, but the piece comes together as a cohesive sound that proves to ultimately be catchy and will end up stuck in your head.

While, 1892 does have a full length album available titled “Gypsy House”, they can be contacted and followed via Facebook. “Picking Tree” can be found on Youtube along with other songs by the band from the album, as well as a few other singles.

1892 can be found here: