Moana Disney’s newest princess

With a new Disney movie in the works, it’s no surprise Disney is looking at the Pacific Islands for their new princess and tale. Disney has opened the contest to young women to audition for the role of their newest princess Moana.

While this blog works to remain as neutral and as bias as possible, a recent audition from a young Hawaiian woman named┬áMakamae Auwae caught my eye. She’s 18, her voice is incredible and she is native to the islands and their lore. The story of Moana is just that, the story of a brave young woman who takes off on an adventure to find a fabled island. She teams up with demi-god Maui to complete her adventure, who is voiced by Dwayne Johnson. Johnson is also native Samoan so it just fits to have a native Hawaiian alongside him. Auwae’s audition is currently on Youtube and has gotten 80,000 hits thus far.

She is bubbly, she is bright and has an amazing singing voice. The young Hawaiian even speaks the native language and sings in it, making her the perfect candidate. Her video is posted below and hopefully she gets the hits in order to win the role.

**Opinions expressed in this post are all my own. No one has paid me or sponsored me to share these thoughts. Video belongs to the original owner, Disney owns Moana and it’s rights.**