Yellowcard Come Out Swinging with Lift A Sail

After a long year of touring and riding out the wave of their acoustic rerelease of their first album “Ocean Ave.” Florida native and Los Angles based Yellowcard are back with their anticipated fall release “Lift a Sail.” Almost two years after their last full length release “Southern Air” the new album is true to the original Yellowcard sound.

Opening with a stunning violin solo from Sean Mackin, the album begins with a somber sound that explodes into a crescendo of pure Yellowcard. “Transmission Home” opens the record laced with strong vocals and a clean mix of guitar and drums that drops into a beautiful piano and violin which eventually mixes back into vocals and a strong rock beat. Yellowcard brings an explosive sound on this record. Especially after an acoustic release and “Southern Air” which was quieter in nature. “Lift a Sail” is all rock but still very true to who Yellowcard is as a band.

While, “One Bedroom” the first official release from the album has strong acoustic feel while still maintaining an electric rock sound. Mixing acoustic guitar, violin and a steady piano beat laced with an electro beat. Ryan Key’s vocals are the main focus and it lets you appreciate his ability to go from acoustic backing to full electronic sound. The song relies on Key’s strong vocal singing eventually dropping to showcase guitarist Ryan Mendez and Key’s own playing.

The album’s title track “Lift a Sail” is a track with a slow start but one that has a strong guitar melody that transforms into a mix of drums and a complex bass line. The title track may remind many Yellowcard fans of early songs, specifically “You and Me and One Spotlight” from 2007’s “Paper Walls” which begins slow and grows into a mix of drums and complex bass line.

The album is truly a Yellowcard album that showcases the talents of it’s members both individually and together as a band. The band tends to move through different sounds throughout their album. From powerful ballads like “Transmission Home” and “My Mountain” to softer songs like “One Bedroom” and “Madrid” all of which bring together a sound that is distinctly Yellowcard.

A band that has never stuck to one specific type of sound and has the ability to go from electronic instruments to just full acoustic sets. “Lift a Sail” is a great addition to Yellowcard’s ever changing and growing sound. The album is also something that can add fans to the already large fan base with it’s relatable lyrics and amazing instrumentation.

“Lift a Sail” is the first album not to feature original drummer Longieu Parsons III and is the first album released after the band’s departure from Hopeless Records. Though even with these changes the album is all Yellowcard and written truly from the heart; It is absolutely beautiful in sound and talent. “Lift a Sail” is currently available on Amazon and iTunes as well as nationwide retailers. The band is currently out on tour with Memphis May Fire and Emarosa. All information about the record and the tour can be found on