The Force apparently failed on Force Friday

While I am not a midnight or line up for hours before a release, Force Friday was almost tempting like Lilly for Target was. But again at 12:01 am I was in bed sleeping soundly.

Though apparently like Lilly for Target, prep’s biggest disaster this spring many Star Wars fans found themselves empty handed. Hours after the events across the country, many users took to twitter complaining about lack of stock and lack of items.

I am a Star Wars fan, I mean I am counting down the days for the release of the new make up, which apparently will be getting more items come October (come on eyeshadow) I am not big into toys. But those who were into toys found that most stores were ill-prepared.

One ion user described his experience at Toys R Us in Oakland, CA and across Twitter users had the same complaint, not enough product and too many people. And many fear the worse, that some of these toys will end up for triple on eBay, which like many limited collections has happened in the past.

Though there are users who have had luck and are still finding items across the board. Though it seems many clothing items can be found for men, women and children and other odds and ends are available. But the toys are the thing everyone wants, so what could have gone wrong today?

Was there a lack of stock? Did employees have more toys in the back and are waiting to put them out? I mean there are a lot of factors here to consider, but it is apparent that some fans are upset and more items need to be stocked.

I’m still waiting to see the first of the make up and also wanting to see Target’s new clothing items.

Did anyone go out to Force Friday? If you did tell me about your experience or send me a message.

Mr. Robot takes us for a ride in the end

In hopes you haven’t been living under a rock, the new USA series Mr Robot came to a close last night. A show that was renewed only hours after the episode aired, has gained a huge following online thanks to its engaging and sometimes confusing story line.

Mr. Robot deals with what is known as hacktivism, and takes viewers into the world of Elliot Alderson a Robin Hood of sorts. But there is more to Elliot who seems to be working under the mysterious Mr. Robot in FSociety trying to take down E Corp or Evil Corp as he refers to it.

Though through all this Elliot our narrator constantly breaks the fourth wall, and we like him don’t know what’s real or fake. While we take the ride with Elliot, Evil Corp is seemingly controlling and taking down everything he loves.

With the finale yesterday, and learning everything from previous episodes we feel even more confused than Elliot does. So where are we going in season 2?

Without spoiling anything, it seems that Elliot has unraveled and we’re suddenly in a tail spin. So what’s going to happen in season? With how they have left us, it seems Evil Corp has more secrets than anything we thought and Elliot has a long uphill battle figuring out what happened in the three days leading up to the finale.

So why does this show work? I think it appeals to the grassroots society we live in, how many of us would want to erase all of our debt? How many of us would love to see an end of being controlled by corporations?

This show appeals to generation Y and taking down our society, and we live in a time where Anonymous has gone across our screens and their takedowns using their form of hacktivism for last 10 years.

Elliot who is an underdog of sorts, who shows what can happen when things go south becomes an anti-hero. Rami Malek (Night at the Museum Need for Speed) plays Elliot, and his command of the character takes you into his dark and twisted world. Elliot represents the frustration many of us have in our own worlds, but are too afraid to even think of doing that.

Though the thing Malek brings to the character is his portrayal of mental illness, Elliot seems to have something wrong with him and as the episodes progress we find him unraveling. Malek commands the performance beautifully, and keeps you wanting more from him.

The rest of the cast specifically Mr Robot who is played by Christian Slater balances Malek’s own madness. Where Malek is almost emotionless in the character, Slater is an explosion of emotion and uncontrollable, but he provides the voice of reason for Malek throughout the season.

While I won’t reveal much else, and would suggest watching the series Mr. Robot  returns in 2016 on USA. While episodes can be streamed through cable service providers and USA should be playing reruns of the episodes.

Dapper Day Survival Guide

Photo Copyright Dapper Day, no copyright infringement intended.

Photo Copyright Dapper Day, no copyright infringement intended.

This is the official last entry in the Dapper Day series, and this is probably the most important post because we’re only a few weeks out from all the events.

Every event is different, and being prepared is the most important thing you can do before heading out for a fun night. So where do we begin in this Survival Guide?

  1. Plan for Weather

Last Spring Disneyland saw a chilly rainy event, last fall Hollywood Studios saw a rainy steamy event and no one knew what kind of weather they’d be having till that week.
Now if you’re in Florida, you know the weather here is temperamental we go from rain to sunshine in under 10 mins. So bringing a good umbrella or having a rain plan is a great idea, if there is lightning certain things will shut down in the park so plan for that as well.
California weather is warm during the day, but temperatures do seem to dip down a bit in the evening so its smart to plan for that. Same can be said about Paris which tends to have temps around 60 in mid-september.
Despite what park you plan to attend at, make sure to have the proper clothing as well.
You don’t want to show up in a long sleeve wool dress in Orlando because you’ll probably pass out, but you don’t want to under dress in case the weather does take a turn.
Simply put? Check the weather, and make sure to pack what you think you may not need.

2. Speaking of packing…

My first Dapper Day, I wore heels that were not comfortable. While many gals will wear them, make sure they are comfortable and you can stand to be in them for a few hours. While trying on shoes, consider this “Can I stand in a 60 minute line and then walk?” that’s usually how I pick my shoes.
If you’re like me and you’re an orthopedic’s dream, make sure you do have an extra pair of shoes or insoles in case the shoes you chose turned out to be less than. While ruining a Dapper Day dress or outfits with a shoe change, consider the long term effect on your feet.
What about my actual outfit?
Well always consider what you would need to pull it together, do you need a hat/fascinator? Or flowers? Or maybe a bow tie? Whatever the case may be always bring a few options you would match with that outfit. I wear panty hose usually so I bring an extra pair just in case for the day.
I have learned it’s smart to make a mini kit in your bag in case you need to redo your lipstick or add an extra pin or maybe just put some hairspray in your hair to keep it from falling apart.
All these little things will help make your day just a bit better

3. Water you doing?
Yes water, either bring your own or ask at any quick service location in the park for a cup with ice water. No matter the temperature or what you’re doing staying hydrated is important, especially those of us who plan to drink at the after events.
Spending a whole day without water could spell disaster later on in the evening for you.
So make sure to drink plenty of fluid throughout the day, especially in Orlando.

4. Eat, Obviously
Spending the whole day out, it’s important to make sure you eat and keep yourself from going hungry. Between the walking and the heat, it’s smart to eat something as you roam the park. While park food can be expensive, Disney does not prohibit outside food, so don’t be afraid to pack a few granola bars into your bag before heading out.
If you do choose to eat, stay away from too many sweets and try to eat something that will hold you over. While that churro and ice cream may seem like a good idea in the moment, you’ll probably wish you had gotten a burger later on.

5. Sunscreen
I probably can’t express this one enough, always wear it. Even if you’re wearing make up put some on under your foundation, because the sun can ruin any vacation.

That’s it. Thank you for joining me and I hope to see you at the park, this fall and next spring.